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    Digital Gaza is a matching service that offers companies to find talented resources in Palestine for assignments that can be delivered digitally and remotely. Many talented and educated Palestinians mainly those in Gaza have lost up to everything during May 2021. They are now looking for remote assignments to be able to rebuild their communities and give their children a safe environment and a better future. They want a normal life as any other parent. This is the fastest way for them to reach dreams of prosperity and safe life.

    The Narrative

    We all know that Palestinians have as civilians been living in hard conditions. Particularly those in Gaza who severe from an environment with 50% unemployment under harsh constraints because of the Israeli blockade.
    This initiative is a cooperation between the Palestinian Business Network and the Code institutions, freelancers and development companies on the ground. Our role is to find companies looking for resources and are willing to employ for long-term or hire for short-term for remote assignments. PBN will be the middle part that ensures that all involved parties collectively reach successful project results.
    PBN will also be the middle-part that invoices the customer according to local regulations.
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    .NET – Account Management – Accounting – AWS  – Banking & Finance – Business Development & Sales – Business Operations – Customer Support – Data analytics & Science – Design & Multimedia – DevOps – Dynamics – Engineering – Firebase – Flutter – Graphic Designer – HR & Recruiting – Illustrator – Indesign – IT – Java – Jenkins – Journalism, Content & Copywriting – Laravel – Legal & Compliance  -Marketing – Node.js – Photoshop – PHP – Product Management – Program, Project & Process management – Public Relations & Communication – RabbitMQ – Retail – Security Operations – Software Engineering – Symfony – WordPress – Magento – Shopify – Salesforce – Woocommerce – Episerver –  Teaching & Education – Translation, Localization & Interpretation – Typescript – Ubuntu – UI – VUE and many more


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